Nichelle Nichols - Executive Director - Office of Equity, Partnerships and EngagementNichelle Nichols - Executive Director - Office of Equity, Partnerships and Engagement

The Office of Equity, Partnerships and Engagement actively uses universal and targeted strategies aimed to disrupt societal and historical inequities and eliminate disparities based on race and socioeconomic status so that our entire learning community, including all staff and all students, benefit and thrive.

  • Develop and support Strategic Partnerships between community organizations, schools and the District to strengthen the ways we support students. 
  • Strengthen partnerships with Family, Youth & Community (FYCE.
  • Designate and support our highest need schools as Community Schools.
  • Convene community, family members, staff and students to give voice on Black Excellence.  We will report out on a regular basis our progress on recommendations made by the Black Excellence Coalition, Black Excellence Think Tank and Black Educators Network.
  • Racial Justice and Anti-Racism Resources

  • Support  a group of committed MMSD employees designated as Equity Fellows
  • Collaborate with the departments of Central Office to enact the use of equitable decision-making and practices by using the Equity Tool and to promote racial justice. 
  • Convene a library of resources available on ways to achieve racial equity.
  • Participate in District networks committed to achieving racial equity.
Equity Org Chart

See the Equity Org Chart as a PDF